Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Back in the Saddle

Quick update to see how I like this blogging thing again...
  1. We've been back in school now for 4 weeks.  Marxo was sick for almost an entire week, but other than that, it has been fairly uneventful.
  2. Fellan has decided that he's really interested in riding his bicycle more, and that has given both the husband and me the kick in the pants that we needed to force more family bike rides on the kids.  :)  Plus, we finally invested in a roof rack for the car and we can now transport all 4 bikes on the car more easily, so that has opened up a whole new host of possibilities for quick trips to parks and such.  I hadn't realized how limited our riding had become due to our bicycle rack situation.
  3. Work is work.
  4. House planning continues!  We're in the last phases of design, then we'll move on to permitting, and hopefully, we'll be able to break ground by the end of the year. (crossing fingers)
  5. The husband and I are celebrating our 20-year anniversary tomorrow and as a gift to ourselves, we're going to head out to California for the weekend of October 5th to ride in Levi's Gran Fondo!  It's going to kill us.  Thankfully, the 103-mile distance was sold-out by the time we registered.  We're only committed to a maximum of 65 miles.  (but we reserve the right to wimp out and only do the 32-mile route...)
And that about catches you up!  What have you been up to?