Monday, January 26, 2009

Careful what you wish for

For the past couple of months, Fellan has been waking up in the middle of the night wanting more lights turned on in the hallway outside their room. So, I finally convinced the husband that if we just leave the hallway lights on, we can both get a full night's sleep. (brilliant, eh?! and yet, the husband was reluctant to do this for some reason!...)

Anyway, last night, Fellan said that he was afraid he was going to wake up in the middle of the night and be scared and need to come into our bedroom.

I told him that if he woke up and wanted to, he could come into bed with us and sleep with us. I actually thought it might be nice to have him snuggled up with us in our bed - it's been quite awhile since we've had a night-time visitor.

He came in at about 3:15 this morning and the next two hours seemed like at least ten. For some reason, the kids always choose my pillow to become theirs and I end up teetering on the edge of the bed, willing the alarm clock to go off so that I can escape the kicking.

What was I thinking?!

...but I did still enjoy the cuddles and it does make me feel important that we can make him feel safe. :)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

First Loose Tooth!

I kept forgetting to post this for the last few days, but Fellan has his first loose tooth! Seemingly all of his other little kindergarten friends have lost at least 1 tooth so far, so Fellan has been desperate to get a loose tooth.

Finally, last week, he was saying that his bottom front teeth were sore. I relented and told him to let me try to wiggle them. He's been talking about having loose teeth for about 5 months thus far, so I was really surprised to find that one of those teeth gave a little when I pushed on it. And last night, he told me to check his tooth again - now both of the front teeth in the bottom are getting loose.

We went to the dentist last summer and had the kids' teeth cleaned. They took an X-ray of Fellan's mouth and discovered that he has some really BIG teeth waiting to come it. We're kind of figuring that these two baby teeth are going to be replaced by one huge permanent tooth.

I thought awkwardness only came with adolescence, but I'm afraid it's going to come early for our formerly cutest of cute little boy. :)

Monday, January 19, 2009

What's better than checking on your sleeping child?

What's better than checking on your sleeping child before going to bed? Checking on your sleeping child and finding your two children sleeping, snuggled together, in the same bed.

On Friday night, the kids told me that they were going to trade beds for the night. But I guess they were too exhausted to actually make the switch before they fell asleep.

On Saturday, they said they were also going to switch beds, but after I left the room. I fell asleep before going in to check on them and they were up before I was completely coherent, so I didn't know until late in the afternoon, that they had decided to sleep together the previous night. I wasn't really convinced, but thought it might have been a possiblity...

Last night, Fellan wanted to sleep in his sleeping bag on the floor. Since today is a school holiday, I told him that would be fine. I didn't actually expect him to sleep on the floor all night, though, because every time he begs us for permission to sleep in his sleeping bag, he always gets up and gets into his own bed because I guess he gets too uncomfortable, or too hot, or something.

When I went in to check on them, then, I was not surprised that he was not in his sleeping bag. But I was surprised to find him and Marxo actually snuggled up in her bed together.

Very sweet.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Comcast is a horrible, horrible company

I just want to let anyone who reads this (all two people) that Comcast is a horrible, horrible company.

We canceled our service in November and turned in our equipment and then got a bill for our remaining service in December. Well, we started getting calls from a collection agency. We paid our bill and called Comcast.

Turns out that the money you owe for your remaining monthly service is due within 14 days of canceling your service and they turn you over to a collection agency immediately thereafter. This was not explained to us when we canceled our service and nothing was said to us when we turned in our equipment.

Now, the real kicker is that we had two accounts with them. One for the house and one for the office. They owe us $170 on one of those accounts and we still haven't seen that money. You know what they said when we asked how long it's going to take for us to get that money? Four to six weeks. WTF? They turn us over to a collection agency without billing us and then they say that we can't get our money from them for four to six weeks?!


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Sports Closet

You know, some people with brand new houses have these fancy spaces called "mud rooms." The rest of us poor souls have to make do with horribly out-dated spaces that aren't called anything but maybe an "entry hall" or "landing" or "that's the door to the garage."

Actually, we've always referred to the coat closet just inside the door to the garage as our "sports closet." It's where we keep our bicycling shoes and helmets and old baseball/softball gloves, etc. With the addition of two kids, that closet has become horribly disorganized and it finally became impossible to fit everything in there.

Until the New Year's weekend, that is! Through the years, we eventually figured out it was better to hang the coats on the back of the door and try to find a place for the shoes that the kids immediately remove upon entering house.

Here's the final product...

Doors to sports closet

That's the door to the garage

Shoe Bench

Inside - yay!

Everything fits!

Next up - the master bedroom closet!

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Still no pictures

I know, I promised pictures of what we had accomplished over the holidays, but the husband didn't get around to e-mailing them to me, so you'll just have to wait another day.

Yesterday was the first day back to school for the kiddos and by last night, they were both completely and utterly worn out. Fellan has been doing so much better with his drastic mood swings that I had forgotten how he gets when he's just completely spent.

By 7:30 last night, he was psychotic. I'm not kidding. He gets absolutely crazy. He was literally bouncing off of everything he could find. I'm really not kidding. I was sitting on the floor folding some clothes in his room as I was trying to get them to put on their PJ's and he spun around, bounced off their bunk bed and fell on top of me. And then he laughed like a drunk and said, "Oh man, I fell down!" I had horrible flashbacks to being the designated driver at college.

I'm hoping that tonight he might be a little more mellow, but given past experience, it's going to take him a couple weeks to get back into the swing of things.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009


Hi, hello, been a long time, what's new?! Let's just move on to the title of my post. (Tomorrow I'm going to post an exciting update about our Holidays, but I don't have the pictures right now to make said post, so I have to wait.)

Symbols - I went out at lunchtime today to get some more Weight Watchers meals because even though I'm not doing Weight Watchers anymore, I like to know just how many points I'm eating for lunch. For all my other meals, I don't really care.

I also wanted to swing by WalMart to see if they had restocked any of these really cool plates that I wanted to get another set of. (sorry, it just sounds too funny in my head to fix that grammatical error) About three years ago, we bought a different kind of Corelle plates that were fine. Just fine. I really never liked them, but we kind of figured that having a clumsy and destructive (not intentionally so, but hugely destructive nonetheless) little boy, we really needed to invest in something that would be at least break-resistant without resorting to eating every meal off of plasticware.

On a whim about a month ago, I decided to peruse the Corelle website and see if there were any nicer plates out there these days. As soon as I saw these, I showed them to my husband and we decided right then that it would be our quest to find them. Oddly enough, that quest turned out to be much easier than we originally thought because I just happened to find them at our local Walmart about a week later and bought two sets.

Now, why is it that we absolutely had to get these plates? Because the pattern shows an outline of a Reuleaux triangle, of course. And that happens to be one of the symbols of our college.

So, as I was walking to my car, I was thinking about all the other things I have that are symbolic to me. If I was in a car wreck on the way home tonight, they would find me with:
- my peace symbol earrings (new Christmas present!)
- my sorority watch
- my CoExist sticker on my car
- my new "Share the Road Y'all" license plates
- and some "lunch size" Reuleaux triangle plates in the trunk.

I guess that pretty much sums me up.