Monday, February 24, 2014

Foggy morning

Well, apparently I didn't like the blogging thing very much since I never wrote anything after I "tried it out" again back in September.  Oops.

We did go on our trip to California and barely survived the beautiful bike ride (for real - it was HARD for people who are as out of shape as we are!). At the last rest stop I nearly plowed Levi Leipheimer over on my way to the glorious bowls full of M&Ms that I had spotted.  I only recognized him after I heard someone asking to have their picture with him, but I was so tired and ready for the ride to be over, I wouldn't have cared if Jean-Luc Picard was standing right there.  Nobody was going to get between me and chocolate.

Half-way done - blissfully unaware of the upcoming pain...
We're not yet building our house (we were hoping to break ground in December).  We were set to start construction by the end of the year and then found out that our plat was wrong and that we need to request a variance in order to build it as-designed. We're in the process of getting signatures from our neighbors and a letter of support from our neighborhood association.  If we're able to get them and get the variance approved, we might be able to start construction in May or June.  *sigh*

The husband and I have been trying out the Paleo diet for the last 3 weeks, just to see what it would be like.  It's been good for me - I'm eating much more healthy and I've lost some weight.  I'm hoping to keep it up for a little while longer, but this coming weekend of Mardi Gras is surely going to kill that.

I went for a bike ride yesterday morning and it was FOGGY.  I took a couple of pictures - it rarely gets foggy like this so it was kind of a treat.  :)

My favorite bicycle bridge

Bicycle bridge in the background
So, judging by past history, I'll be back again in about 5 months...