Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Skinny Girl, Drama Queen

My fingertips are raw and sore - I've been sewing by hand for the last couple of nights. Maybe I should back up...

1st Topic: She's a skinny little thing.
Until Friday last week, we were all still wearing shorts and T-shirts here in Houston. Finally, on Friday an actual cold front came through and forced us to dig out the long pants and figure out that all of the kids' pants are too short for them now. This is not a huge surprise, but what I was somewhat surprised about was the fact that the girl's pants totally fall off of her now. She's no longer wearing a diaper or pull-up during the day (...but she has at least one accident every day), so the only pants that fit her waist are 12-month size and those are about 4 inches too short.

I went out looking for some 2T pants for her and discovered that the standard waist size for 2T pants is about 2 inches too big. So I've been sewing. A tuck here, a tuck there, some ruffles on the bottom of these pants because they almost fit her waist... Uhg.

2nd topic: She's a drama queen.
As if on cue on her 2nd birthday, the girl became an absolute drama queen! And the poor thing - we just watch her and laugh. She definitely doesn't get the desired result from her "tantrum".

Here's a typical tantrum-

The girl: (sobbing with mouth wide open and huge crocodile tears running down her face) I cah fih ma lah!
Us: (with sincere concern) What? What do you need?
Us: What's wrong? What do you need?
The girl: (still sobbing) I can't find my lambs! WAAAAHHHH!
Us: Lambs? Lamb is right there on the floor. (And we get lamb and give her to the girl.)

Immediately, the crying stops and she starts laughing and jumping up and down because she found lambs. It's really hard to take her seriously. And even when she is serious, nothing could compare to the boy's "intensity" about certain things. So, we end up being a rather apathetic audience for most of her tantrums. Poor little drama queen.

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