Monday, November 06, 2006

We're boycotting...

Last week when the time changed, my husband and I decided to boycott the change.

It's actually easy for me. My job has the ever-so-slight "flex time" setup so that you can get to work anytime between 6am and 7am. Then, you put in your 10 hours for the day (plus a 45 minute lunch) and you can leave anytime between 4:45pm and 5:45pm.

I am totally not a morning person, so even though I only live about 10 minutes away from work, I still was unable to get here any earlier than 7am during Daylight Savings Time (DST).

However, about a month ago, my husband struck on a great idea: We could just boycott the time change!

By getting up at the same time of day, I could get to work an entire hour earlier. Brilliant! What was 5:41am during DST (and the time at which my alarm was set) is now 4:41am - an ungodly hour, if you ask me! However, it seems to be working. My body still doesn't know the difference.

The key to this non-time-change is that we now have to put the kids to bed an hour earlier (by the clock) and we have to get ourselves to bed an hour ealier (by the clock). So, instead of hanging out and staying up until 11:00 every night, we now need to be in bed by 10:00 - which is a crazy-early hour of day for me to go to bed... so I've just kept my clock beside the bed on DST! That way, I think I'm still going to bed late when, in fact, I'm going to bed early. Brilliant! :)

This has caused a few difficulties, however. Whenever my husband tells me the time, I have to ask him if that's "our time" or "real time". And it's really strange living in this world where everyone has just spontaneously decided to come to work one hour later. What a bunch of slackers. (hee, hee...)

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Courtney said...

Now that's thinking!!