Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Baby Tara(h)

Apparently, people are getting annoyed with the fact that I haven't posted here lately. So, to appease the masses, here goes:

Towards the end of my pregnancy with the girl, we gave the boy a little baby doll so that he could get used to the idea of having a baby around and so that in case he felt the need to hold a baby once his sibling arrived, he would always have an "unbreakable" option.

The boy definitely takes after his father in the fact that he is a caring nurturer and he has bonded quite deeply with his baby doll. To this day, he doesn't sleep without his baby. And several months ago, he named her Baby Tara(h). [The husband and I don't agree on how this should be spelled - I say "Tarah", he says, "Tara"]

I'm quite proud of the fact that he named his baby. Not just because he named her, but because he chose a name for her that doesn't already belong to someone we know. It seems to have been a unique thought and considering the difficulty we had when we were trying to come up with names for our kids, I'm even more impressed!

Anyway, meet Baby Tara(h) - pronounced (tah-rah):

One eye open and one eye closed - isn't that the way all well-loved baby dolls are supposed to look? :)

So, one day last week, Baby Tara(h) went to school with the boy. Upon his arrival, a group of his little classmates (all girls) told him that boys can't have babies. This incited a very lively discussion between Fellan, the girls, the boy's male teacher, and my husband. The husband tells me that he excused himself from the conversation after they had covered the difference between having a baby and giving birth to the baby and after they talked about all the different methods of feeding a baby. I think the girls were satisfied by that point, but I predict there will be many more of these types of conversations.

(Especially since last night as the kids went to bed, they were having quite a lively conversation about penises and paginas...)


meredith said...

Your son is lucky to have a male teacher, I wish there were more of them.

Courtney said...

Ahem! March 1st!