Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Both the kids have become obsessed lately with writing. Everything. And displaying their writings. Everywhere.

Here's a sampling of the sticky notes that are currently adorning all walls of the house.

These two are hung up in our bathroom:

These are stuck to the kitchen cabinets:

This is on the side of the desk in the office:

I'm not sure where this one is stuck (the husband took these pictures and sent them to me on my request) but I know that it's from one day that we went hiking at the Arboretum. The kids got hooked on the fact that "poison ivy has three leaves" and decided to post notes all over the interior of the car.

I have no idea why Fellan put this one up:

And I have several notes in my purse to the captain:

...of the Titanic:

Written inside is an ice warning:

If only he would have gotten this in time...

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