Thursday, April 05, 2012

The last couple of months

Well, I would like to say that I have a good reason I haven't been updating my blog lately, but I don't.  So let's just get a move on.

Since we last spoke...

The Pinewood Derby happened.  Fellan's X304 ended up sort of mid-pack for his age group and I managed to snap a picture of it coming in 2nd in one of his heats!  (it's in the closest lane to the camera)

The first heat, the X304 takes 2nd!
The X304 - "Most Lunar"

Marxo had to put together a science project.  She chose to see how much water beans absorb and if it makes a difference if they are small-, medium-, or large-sized beans.  (the medium-sized beans actually absorbed the most water)

We went to Mardi Gras and got to hang out with the extended family.

The girl-cousins are bead magnets, man!
We went skiing and dog sledding in Colorado over Spring Break.  This year, the husband's brother and family joined us, so the cousins got to spend even more time together!

Teaching them the correct way to pose with their skis for the TV cameras

Isn't it fun to have cousins?!  :)

Feeding the dogs after their run
And the Bluebonnets have run their course in Texas. (If I remember correctly, this was the weekend after we got back from Colorado. Amazing what ten degrees latitude does for the weather.)

Obligatory Texas "Kids with Bluebonnets" picture
 Now, I think that catches us up!  Until next time...  :)

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