Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Fellan turned nine!

This past weekend was Fellan's birthday.  We had two parties for him - one with just the family and one with a few friends.

For the family party, Fellan requested a chocolate, chocolate chip cake.  This happens to be our family's favorite cake (and also pretty much the easiest cake to make!), so I happily obliged.

You can never have too much chocolate!

Fellan originally wanted to have another "Mad Science" birthday party with his friends, but we had talked about only inviting his good friends and I didn't want to pay that much for a party with only 6 kids!

So I talked him into having a party at the park with water guns and water balloons.

It turned out to be great weather and the kids had an excellent time.

One of the kids apparently didn't think the water guns got him wet enough...

Water balloon fight!

Fellan's request: Chocolate cake with green letters. "Happy Birthday" in cursive.

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