Saturday, October 01, 2005

I love this place...

Neither my husband nor I really enjoy living in Houston very much. Most of it stems from the Houston weather - it just never cools off here! As I write this, it is 93F and it's the first day of October. And last week, there were heat advisories because it was 104F in our neighborhood for four days straight. Ugh.

Another fact of living in Houston is dealing with bugs. Tree roaches are the worst. They grow to about 1.5 inches long and fly straight at your face. (or so it seems) We moved into our house, which was newly built, about 8 years ago. But from the very beginning, we had a quarterly insect treatment plan because neither of us like living with other critters. Still, we find dead and dying roaches too many times for our taste. (at least they're dead and dying)

Anyway, you can imagine our chagrin when the following conversation took place between my husband and baby boy:
"Look, Daddy! Dead roach!"
"No, Baby Boy, that's just a burned french fry."

Over the last couple of weeks, everything he sees that is blackish brown is a dead roach. Nice. And I used to dream about spending time laying on the ground with him picking out shapes in the clouds. With my luck, he'd be pointing out dead roaches in those, too. No, wait, I forgot we'll never be able to do that, either, because the fire ants would attack us and bite the crap out of us if we were to lay in the grass. I love this place...

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