Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Two weeks

Ok, after two weeks of not posting anything, I figured I'd better get something out there!

I've been busy for the last two weeks trying to get my drawings issued for the project on which I'm working. Today we finally signed them, which means that I need to get busy taking care of all the other work that has piled up.

But that's boring news - I'm sure you must be wondering where I've been (probably not, since the only people who read this know where I've been, but humor me...). Since last week was Thanksgiving, we took a trip with the kids up to Cleveland, OH to visit my brother-in-law and sister-in-law. They have a big, nice house in an older part of Cleveland called Cleveland Heights. It actually snowed on us while we were there, so baby boy and daddy played in it one afternoon. As my husband pointed out when we were leaving, it was strange to be somewhere with snow and not be skiing. (since it's the only time we seem to ever see snow anymore)

When we got back to Houston, we all had to strip off our clothing and put on shorts and T-shirts! It was 80ยบ here! The one good thing about being back here is that my skin seems to be soaking up the humidity again and is not so horribly dry. (I have to find the silver lining.)

So, now that my drawings are issued, I hope to have more time to post some updates. Stay tuned!

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