Thursday, February 07, 2008

Boring Post

Ok, my parents complained about the dark colors during my mourning period, so I figured I should change them back. Even though I'm still upset about the impending doom of the country...

And since I'm still depressed, I can't find anything good to write about. This weekend our plan is to go through our entire house and make a huge garage sale pile. Our son's school's major fundraising event for the year is a neighborhood garage sale. Each student's family is required to donate at least $250-worth of stuff for the sale and last year, I think the school made about $6000 off the event.

You might think it would be hard to find that much stuff in your house each year, but it's actually fairly easy! We're definitely ready to get rid of some more crap in an effort once again to streamline the household. (always a good thought, but it never seems to work out - I'm this close to hiring a professional organizer...)

Also on the agenda is a bike ride. Actually nobody else in the family knows this yet, but I have now proclaimed it and it shall be so.

Have a good weekend!


Courtney said...

Issues with McCain/Lieberman?

Courtney said...
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