Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Great Bike Ride

We tested out the girl on the trailer bike this past Sunday, taking her for a 12.5-mile ride. She did great! When we got home, she was still happy, she never complained and she seemed to be ready for more.

So, we told both the kids how they had done a great job on the bike ride. High-fives with "Great bike ride!" were exchanged all around. Then I turned to my husband and said, "High-five! We make great kids!"

Fellan gave us a funny look and said, "No, you make great parents!"

Aw, shucks... :)


Courtney said...


What kind of seat do you have on the kid's bikes? The girl complains her tush hurts after a 2 mile ride.

Sara said...

The seat is nothing special, it's just what came with the bike. BUT we do have padded cycling shorts for both the kids. They're the cutest little things you've ever seen!!! Sugoi, I think, is the brand name of the shorts - a little pricey for kids' shorts ($35) but well-worth the money.