Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Two Trailer-bike Family

As of last week, we are now a two trailer-bike family!

We've been riding with Fellan on a trailer-bike for about a year now. Lately, however, Marxo has been begging to ride the trailer-bike, too, so we've done some short rides around the neighborhood with Fellan on his own (on two wheels) and Marxo on the trailer-bike.

Now, our original plan was that by this time, we would be fabulously wealthy (cough, cough) and would be able to get a Comotion Periscope Tandem for Fellan to move up to and then Marxo would be able to use the trailer-bike.

Since that plan has fallen woefully short, we opted to get another trailer-bike. And it showed up last week! Yay!

We tried it out a couple of times last week, and then went on a little bit longer ride last night with it. We have to kind of ramp up our mileage to test Marxo out and see how long she can stand riding it.

So, far it hasn't been a problem. We did seven miles last night and she sang for most of the way. :)

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