Monday, July 21, 2008

Hiking in Hades

This past weekend we decided that since we haven't been able to pull off a vacation or even a mini-vacation this summer, we'd spontaneously go to Buescher State Park and go hiking. It was a great plan until we were there, 4 miles away from the car, in 100ºF weather, having taken a wrong turn and having to hike a mile back to where we had taken the wrong turn.

But, that's about how most of our vacations go. We decide to do stupid things and then call them fun afterwards.

The MS150 bike ride goes through Buescher and Bastrop State Parks, so we've ridden our bikes through there 10 times, but had never hiked in the park. It really was very nice - so nice that we think we'd love to go back there and go camping and hiking again sometime when it gets cooler. Like in December.

The kids did a great job and didn't complain too much. We ended up carrying them for the last part - me with Fellan on my back for the last mile, my husband carrying a very tired, nearly asleep little girl for about the last two miles. Here they are before we started. No pictures of after the hike, we were all too tired and sore to even hold up a camera. :)

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