Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Worth the effort?

Ugh. I keep having such a hard time posting because I wonder if it's really worth the effort! I would like to have all these funny stories on my blog about the things that our kids do that make me laugh every day, but when I get to work, all of my fun life seems to disappear into thin air. And then all I can think about is work and I don't want to write about work on my blog because I'm paranoid about getting fired over saying something about work and so I never post anything anymore because I'll just say this: There are some things about my job right now that make me very angry.


Let me see if I can get back into my happy thoughts again... This past weekend was my husband's birthday and he's now as old as me again. That makes me happy! :)

We spent much of the weekend sitting on the couch, working - each on our own laptops - and then went for a bike ride Sunday morning and a pool party Sunday afternoon. Very exciting, I know.

AND we've both decided (finally) that we can't stand our fat selves and that we really, really, really want to get back in shape. So, the weekly weigh-ins have started once again - we write the results on our mirrors in dry-erase marker so that we'll be able to chart our progress and it will serve as a daily reminder of our fatness. Not sure I really need another reminder, but maybe it will help.

Anyway, I'd better get back to work. I'll try to remember some cute story to post next...

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