Tuesday, August 26, 2008

In between

Well, we're in between first days here. Fellan's first day of kindergarten was yesterday and Marxo's first day of preschool is tomorrow!

Here's a picture of the kids on their way to the kindergarten class. Marxo was very sad to leave her big brother, but she seemed to recover fairly quickly.

Fellan was so excited to go to "big school" yesterday and we think he generally had a good time. Apparently, he was caught running in class and that seems to have made an impression on him - he seems to feel pretty bad about "being bad" and wants to be "good" from now on.

All his imaginary play last night revolved around school: the living room was the classroom, the kids' bedroom was the cafeteria and the hallway was the path to the cafeteria. Fellan was the teacher for most of the evening, but I didn't hear him yelling too much at Marxo, so I'm hoping that the teacher didn't yell at him too much yesterday...

Tomorrow is the first day for Marxo to go to preschool and she absolutely cannot wait! The teachers stopped by our house last week for "home visits" and she was wowing them with the fact that she can finish her favorite 100-piece puzzle in about 5 minutes. (she actually has all the pieces memorized - when she looks at each piece, she puts it down relative to where it is located in the puzzle!) Anyway, the teachers agreed that they might have to get some different puzzles since the ones in the 3-4-year-old classroom only have three pieces each.

We were looking at her class roster last night and noticed that she and another little girl in her class are by far the oldest in the class. Both of their birthdays are in the beginning of October. The rest of the class' birthdays are in January, May, June, and July of next year. There's a big gap and I'm wondering if Marxo and the other little girl might gravitate towards the girls in the older class since their birthdays are actually closer to Marxo's than the kids in her own class. It will be interesting to see...


Anonymous said...

Hey Sara, how goes? Just eavesdropping on your life for a minute, cute picture of the kids. At least your kiddos come home every day, I am missing Jasmine horribly. I am curious, how your political mind is working nowadays since Edwards has been shamed. I'm kinda digging the Palin VP pick, from the internet research I've done so far anyway.Don't particulary like either candidate tho. Send me an email sometime, Please?

Sara said...

Well, I've wanted to write something about her, but didn't want to come off too scathing. Maybe in my comments it will be OK?

I don't like her! She fits perfectly with John McCain though. Mr. "I hate 'Big Oil'... but I want offshore drilling and energy independence." I firmly believe that the Republicans are totally bi-polar. "Big Oil" are the only companies with the ability (money) to drill offshore. Hello?!

But, as long as it gets the vote. I mean EVERYONE is against "Big Oil", right? And since 99% of the US population doesn't understand enough about the oil industry to realize that if they vote for the Republicans, they're voting for Big Oil, it's all good.

(In fact, the Democrats have got that all wrong, too - the plain truth is that as long as we use gasoline-powered cars, we will NEVER be able to produce enough oil to become independent. It doesn't exist under our soil. I suppose we could try to take over Mexico and Venezuela, though, and in that case, I guess we'd need a Republican President...)

And as long as I'm on a roll... I'm hugely disappointed in the "family values" party. If the Republicans are for family values, shouldn't they be appalled that she has a "special needs" child that she's not even taking care of? My personal opinion is that if she truly cared about this child whom she chose not to abort, she would be at home breastfeeding her son so that she could really give him the best start. Breastfeeding is especially important for Down Syndrome children so that their mouths will develop properly and they won't have so much trouble with speech impairments when they get older. I'm all for working women (since I am one!), but if you have a special needs child, then you'd better be prepared to change your lifestyle some to help him.

End of tirade.

Sara said...

And another thing! Teaching creationism in school?! Yikes.