Wednesday, February 25, 2009

First kiss

So, what counts as a first kiss? Is it the kiss on the lips at the playground during recess? Or is it the french kiss that seems so weird and gross the first time?

Well, if it's kissing on the lips "like grownups" then Fellan had his first kiss last week. (that we know of) My husband picked him up at school one day and his little girlfriend from down the street was being retrieved at the same time. So my husband and the girl's mother were walking to their cars together, talking.

The way the husband tells the story, Fellan and his little girlfriend were running up ahead of the adults and intentionally ran past the cars. Then they stopped and kissed on the lips and ran back to the adults saying, "We kissed on the lips like grownups!"

This little girl that lives down the street from us is exactly 2 days younger than Fellan - both birthdays at the end of April - which makes them both Taurus'. One of the trademarks of being a Taurus is that you're supposed to be very stubborn. And they both live up to that one.

I laugh a lot whenever I see them play together because they continuously butt heads and ask for intervention from the adults. I generally don't give in because I think that's something they need to figure out on their own and it just makes them even more mad.

They have both, individually, told their parents that they intend to get married someday. I predict it will be quite a dynamic and passionate union. :)

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