Thursday, February 05, 2009


Marxo has become very "motherly" over the last month or so. She used to always sleep with Lamby (formerly called Lambs - I had forgotten that!) and Fellan had his Baby Tarah.

Last year, however, Fellan adopted Baby Maya Sara and Baby Tarah kind of went by the wayside. (poor Baby Tarah) But lately, Marxo has adopted Baby Tarah and will not let her out of her sight. I don't know where this mothering instinct suddenly came from; she's never been interested in baby dolls before. I guess maybe she sensed she was needed. :)

Yesterday, when I got home, my husband told me that Marxo had been "resting" him all afternoon. She apparently told him yesterday morning that she was going to "rest" him that afternoon and she made good on her word. She told him he had to go lay on the couch and she brought him a blanket and a snack of grapes.

I really need to try to take advantage of this. I think this weekend I'll try to reorganize the kitchen so that everything is low and accessible to her. Then she can take care of all of us. She has way more energy than I do anyway...

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