Monday, March 30, 2009

Recovering from the weekend

I love weekends from which we have to recover. Saturday wasn't super-exciting, but yesterday was a day full of fun activities.

We got a text message from a friend on Saturday night asking if we wanted to join them at the Zoo Sunday morning. We didn't have anything planned, so we said, "Sure!" Turned out to be a great decision.

This weekend we had some beautiful weather here in Houston. While everyone else was digging out from the snow (including A-Basin, whom I thought wouldn't be able to stay open until June), we had what I think will be our last blast of cool weather before the heat of summer fully descends upon us.

Saturday morning was down-right chilly for Fellan's tee-ball game and Sunday morning was also a little chilly, but it warmed up nicely. We hung out at the Zoo and had lunch there before heading out to try out the Hermann Park paddle boats for the very first time. Even though the lake there is only about a maximum of 3 feet deep, we were always afraid to try them until the kids were fully sea-worthy (a.k.a. able to swim on their own). Then we took a ride on the Hermann Park train.

{Side note: they've been re-constructing the area in front of the zoo for the past few months and it's finally open and nearly complete, including a non-creepy, non-carnivally train depot (if you ever rode the train there before, you know what I mean!). Every time I've gone to Hermann Park in the last couple of years, I always find myself saying how much it has changed and how nice it has become in the 10 years that we've lived in our current location. I think they're in the home stretch of the revival process. Check out these before and after pictures on the conservancy website. It's really become a beautiful oasis in the center of Houston.}

We were just ahead of the lines at each of our destinations for the day - while we were riding the train, we looked at the line for the paddle boats and there must have been 10 families waiting there. (and we had walked right up and gotten on a boat!) And when the train arrived back at the depot, the line was four times longer than it had been when we got on the train! Excellent luck!

By this point, it was only 2pm, so we went home, rested a little bit and went out for a bike ride. And we even managed to find a tiny patch of bluebonnets so we could fulfill a Texas tradition by taking a picture of the kids sitting in the bluebonnets. Days like this make me almost happy to live in Houston. :)

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