Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Spring Break in Colorado

We spent spring break in Colorado last week. We drove. That wasn't all that fun. But, at least we got to go and get in some skiing!

We got there on Saturday evening and spent Sunday just hanging out. On Monday and Tuesday, we put the kids in ski school for the morning and skied together in the afternoon. And on Wednesday and Thursday it was just family ski-time. It's been very dry in Colorado, so I can't imagine that Arapahoe Basin (the place where we take the kids to ski school) will be able to stay open until June, like they usually do. That was the one strange thing about this vacation - lack of snow.

However, there was still a lot of good snow on which to ski! And we took advantage of it. We tried out Ski Cooper on Wednesday - I think it's going to be a great place to ski with the kids. Probably next year. They have some really nice LOOONNGGG runs which were just a little bit too long for us this year. I think we only got in about 4 runs all day long. But the following day, we made up for it by skiing at Loveland. Both the kids were on fire all day long and as we were going down the last run of the day - a Blue (which is an "intermediate" slope for those uninitiated to skiing) - Marxo turned to me and said, "Mommy, I'm glad we came down the easy way." That's my girl.

The theme for this year's ski trip, since we are now forced to abide by the school schedule, meaning that we had to go skiing during the time when the rest of the US also has to go skiing, was "Ski at Non-popular Spring Break Destinations." It worked out very well. We've now become no-frills skiers. All we need is a parking lot at the base (where we can keep our lunch in the car within walking distance of the base), a bathroom, and a ski mountain. It's different than in previous years when we sought out the best snow and the best places to ski, but avoiding lift lines is so worth it!

We own a tiny portion of a condo with some friends who also have kids about our kids' ages and we got to see them on Monday afternoon. I always knew that our friends called the condo "the Happy Place", but when I heard one of their daughters refer to it as the happy place, I had to chuckle because I thought it was so cute.

I told the kids later on in the week that our friends refer to the condo as "the Happy Place" and I asked them if they thought it was a happy place. They both agreed that it was, but Fellan immediately added, "And our house in Houston is a Happy Place, too."

So, we're now back in our other Happy Place. It's true. Pretty much anywhere we're all together is a Happy Place. :)

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