Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Not yet...

I got a text from the husband yesterday saying that he was required to go to Amarillo and back today and asking if I could take the kids to school and then come home early to let the nanny leave.

Well, since I didn't really have any choice, of course, I said, "Sure!" A little while later, I figured out that would mean I probably wouldn't get the birthday party pictures from him today, either. No pictures yet!

This morning came around and the husband was up and gone to the airport sometime very early. I have no idea what time it was because I couldn't open my eyes, but I know his flight left at 6:15am.

My alarm clock started going off at a little before 6:00, but I hit snooze and snooze and snooze until at 6:30, a reminder on my phone went off that I was supposed to be meeting a project manager at work at 7:00 this morning. I had to hurry up, get the laptop, log in to our stupid web-based e-mail system that makes you type in your domain, username, and password 14 times before you can actually get to your inbox and then I discovered that they've upgraded the web-based e-mail system and I couldn't figure out how to get to the address list.

Whatever. Luckily, I'm super-anal about spelling and I know exactly how to spell my Dutch manager's name. Take that!

But, after jumping through all these hoops, I've now wasted 15-minutes-worth of time that absolutely cannot be wasted in the morning routine to get Fellan to school without a tardy slip.

Luckily, I managed to get myself ready, the kids up and dressed and partially fed, and Marxo's hair re-fixed (did I mention it was picture day today?!) and made it to school (with another friend's child in tow who was even later than us and had to practically jump out of the moving car to come walk with us) with probably a full minute to spare!

By the time I got to work and into the meeting with the client, which started at 8:30 (3 minutes after I arrived!), I was riding an adrenaline high and sweating enough that I could feel a couple of drops rolling down my forehead.

And then I started getting text messages from the husband.
"Fog in Amarillo. We're stuck indefinitely in Dallas."
"Still in Dallas. We only had 7 hours on the ground to start with, 4 hours of driving, 1 hour car rental, 2 hours for meeting. Time is dwindling quickly."
"May need to turn around and come back to Houston."
" We're on a 9am flight back."

Whew, I'm thinking, that means I don't have to worry about leaving work early. A couple of hours later, while I was still in my meeting, I got this text:
" Just landed. Hypoglycemic episode on plane - bad one - hope can walk off."
"Made it to car going to drive home."

I talked to him this afternoon. He didn't sound so good. I'm thinking it wasn't just a hypoglycemic thing. That should have passed more quickly. ???

I guess I'll be going home a little early anyway.

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