Thursday, November 11, 2010

Tune in next time, when our topic will be... Rice

There's a skit on Saturday Night Live called The Delicious Dish that always cracks me up. The most famous episode, apparently, is the one where Alec Baldwin is playing a character called Pete Schweddy and he makes cheese balls for the holidays. The best line from that particular skit is when one of the lady hosts says, "I can't wait to wrap my lips around your Schweddy Balls." They do such a great job with the double entendre and never once break character. I think the sign-out for that sketch was, "Tune in next time, when our topic will be (they pause, smile, and together say...) Rice."

Which brings me to the topic of the post: Rice. Fellan finally tried and loved some whole grain rice earlier this week. How can you go through 7 and a half years of life without trying and liking rice? Really. Rice. The most important food staple in much of the world? Boggles the mind, doesn't it?

Well, that's not to say that Fellan has never been forced to try rice before. It's just that he would eat one grain of rice and refuse to eat the rest.

The stars must have aligned, however, earlier this week. He took a bite and literally gobbled down the rest.

We're going to be having rice again tonight. I'm interested to see if he has finally acquired the taste for rice, or if that was just a strange anomaly.


ditdit said...

This is typical kid behavior. I heard somewhere that you may have to try and present a food many times before some kids will eat it. This method is NOT working with Brussel sprouts at my house, though.

Sara said...

Definitely - I've heard that you have to introduce it 15 times or something like that! Ugh.

We're almost there with avocado (to 15 times - and he still doesn't like it!), but since we convinced him that it's cool to pretend like he's eating "trees" when he's eating broccoli, he has no problem with it. Crazy. Broccoli has such a strong taste!

Oh well, slowly but surely we'll get there... :)

P.S. Check out this recipe for Brussels sprouts at my favorite crockpot blog:

I haven't tried them, but they're supposed to be the BEST! ;)