Thursday, September 29, 2011

Her Person

Marxo can't keep her hands off our new little kitty.  She is so happy to have a living thing to "mother"!  As soon as she comes home from school, she's looking for Spot.  She picks her up and cradles her and carries her around and generally smothers her with affection.

And apparently, Spot is perfectly fine with it!  I was worried that she would become resentful of this person who just won't leave her alone, but it's exactly the opposite.  Spot has determined that Marxo is her person.  She follows Marxo around and wants to sleep with her every night.  Marxo doesn't like that, though, because Spot keeps her awake by trying to play with her feet under the covers!  So cute.  :)

Marxo ended up being sick off and on over the last few weeks - she had a fever that kept coming and going.  After going to the doctor a couple of different times, he finally figured out she had a urinary tract infection!  Something so simple and easy to treat and it kept her out of school for 8 of the first 23 days of school.  Ugh!

Anyway, while Marxo was at home being sick, she had some very good company.

Loyal Kitty

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