Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Marxo is 7 today!

Well, my baby girl turned seven today!  Hard to believe.  Today is also picture day at school, so she got to wear one of her new birthday outfits - she looked very stylish.  :)

We had just about everyone in town this weekend for the birthday festivities.  My parents came down, the husband's folks were here, the husband's brother, sister-in-law and kids came to town and we all celebrated in style.  My brother wasn't able to make it down this trip, but he'll be here at Christmas, and that's not too far away.

We had Marxo's party at a place called Mad Science.  There were lots of kids that ended up coming, so I was stressed out during the whole party, trying to count the number of kids that came, figuring out how many were in the same household, and then trying to decide which kids weren't going to get party bags since they were the siblings of kids that were invited.  I always have so many leftover party bags, I tried to only buy what was necessary, but this time, that kinda bit me in the butt!

Anyway, the kids all still had fun and Marxo appreciated everyone coming.  I only got a couple of pictures with my phone, though, so I'm going to have to get everyone else to send me theirs!  Here's the birthday girl getting ready to blow out the candles...

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