Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Word Choice and Two-year-olds

We've been having a lot of "fun" lately trying to get baby boy interested in potty training. Well, I should re-phrase that - he really wants to sit on the potty all the time, but once he gets there, he just wants to play and talk and he's not really interested in the task at hand. (Apparently we've been emphasizing the going to sit on the potty part too much...)

Anyway, a couple of times, my husband and I have said to baby boy, "Focus!" And so the other day after saying this to him, baby boy says back to us, "Fukuh-Mommy, Fukuh-Daddy..."

We've begun using the word "concentrate" now.


Courtney said...

Fortunately, baby girl has started pronouncing 'r' better so shirt no longer sounds she's a sailor.

Our favorite at the moment is asking her to say octopus. Comes out appletush every time. Big bro gets a huge kick out of it.

Scott said...

So, how is everything down there after the hurricane?

I thought you might have blogged something about your situation for those of us wishing to know about it, but not wanting to talk directly to you. ;)

Say hi to the kids. Oh, and that other guy you live with, too.

Oh, yeah, I started a blog, also. However, it is quite a disaster at this point in time. Thought I had figured out how to put links in, but they didn't work correctly.

After my comment, will you be able to find mine? I hope not.