Thursday, February 23, 2006

Major Catastrophe

Well, we've lost Lamb. Lamb is baby girl's favorite stuffed animal, with whom she sleeps every night.

It seems that Lamb went out with the kids for their walk yesterday morning and since we can't find him/her (don't know which gender the girl has assigned to him/her yet), we're assuming that he/she didn't make it back to the house yesterday. We looked everywhere last night - called one of their playmates' mother, hubby went out for a walk last night at 9:30 to look for Lamb - but nothing. I'm sure baby girl doesn't miss him/her nearly as much as this is tearing us up.

So, last night, hubby spent about an hour and a half searching the internet to try to find out where we can get another Lamb. We can't remember who gave us Lamb and don't remember who the manufacturer is. I was supposed to be working last night, but couldn't help myself and searched a few things, too. One of the things I found had me in tears:
Have you seen this lamb?
That's enough to make any parent break down and cry, I think. It made me thankful that baby girl is only 16 months old during this "time of loss." :)

Anyway, we think we finally found a suitable Lamb substitute, however, we won't really know until it comes in the mail (express mail, of course!). And of course, we ordered 2! - I was tempted to order 3...
Shearly the Lamb
If it comes and she runs to it yelling "Mah!" (her name for Lamb), then we'll know we've succeeded.

And at lunchtime today, I'm headed off to Walmart to see if I can find another babydoll for the boy (his favorite sleep companion). Just in case...


Courtney said...

We bought 2 additional bears (bear head attached to a blanket) when the boy got attached. One was identical- the other a different color. The two that were identical, he found a difference. One was big nose bear, the other little nose bear. They looked identical to us. Anywho, we're down to two bears now, but since he knows our ploy, it's pointless. We don't allow bear out of the house except for sleepovers.

And the girl is attached to the cloth diapers (the unfolded, not the prefolded kind). Since these are cheap, we bought several packages. She knows where we store them, so occasionally she'll grab about 12 and carry them around the house.

Jo said...

This reminds me of when my then two-year-old niece left "Chickie" at daycare over the weekend. The whole extended family was traumatized by that one. She's 19 now and still gets sad when the story comes up.