Friday, December 29, 2006

Creating bad habits

Over the last couple of months, my husband and I have gotten into a really bad habit: we've been staying up late every night after the kids go to bed, working! Last night we were up until past 4am and the previous night, I was up until 3am.

My problem is that once the kids go to bed, we'll come down and sit down on the couch to decompress and watch a 30-minute program before going downstairs to start our "homework" for the evening. Inevitably, though, we'll both end up falling asleep for an hour or more and after I've slept that long, I'm wide awake. So, why not get in some time working? I work for an engineering consulting company, so I get paid for my time, no matter where I work it. It's a win-win situation, right?

I wish. I'm just worn out. It's great that the oil and gas industry is so busy and we have all this work now, but it's really bringing back too many memories of college. Everyone else talks about college as this really fun and great time in their lives. I, however, have absolutely no desire to re-live that time of my life. Homework until 2am every night, projects due all the time, studying all night for every test, and sorority obligations on top of all of that. Uhg. There's a reason that our school's alumni refer to "getting out" and not "graduating" from college.

The kids are actually both napping at the moment and I desperately tried to take a nap, too. But, for some reason, I was unable to really go to sleep. Our son has the hardest time turning his brain off and going to sleep for naps and at night time. I'm pretty sure he gets that from me. The next time I'm totally exasperated at him for not taking a nap and later turning into an out of control little psycho-boy, I'm going to have to remind myself that it's all my fault. In the meantime, I'm going to go try to make another feeble attempt at getting a little rest before the kids wake up...


Courtney said...

Ready to go back to our old employer so we can coast again?

shara said...

" out of control little psycho boy..." sounds like my youngest when she doesn't get enough sleep/food/fresh air/cuddling, whatever it is she needs to bring her back into balance that particular day. And as far as working when the kids are asleep, what other time does a parent have to concentrate? Except for when they're at school, of course. And the "I'm okay" from the last post, yes, mine do that too. I guess they're forestalling my "are you okay?" whenever I hear an ominous bump, always waiting for the long pause and the shriek. It's always something.