Sunday, April 06, 2008

Kids on Skis

So, we got back from our skiing trip a little more than a week ago and since that time, I've been consumed with getting caught up with work and trying to get back in the swing of things.

The trip, however, was great! We put the kids in ski school on Monday morning, not knowing if they would like it or not.

It turned out that they LOVED it! (much to our delight!) So, they did a half-day of ski school on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. By the end of the day on Wednesday, Fellan was skiing on his own and shut down the lift. (magic carpet) Marxo was well on her way to being able to ski on her own, but she was really worn out from three days of skiing.

We took the day off on Thursday - went sledding instead - and then went skiing together as a family on Friday. We found a great little lift that was basically isolated from the rest of the mountain and spent most of the day there working with Fellan on turning and "slow skiing" (he only wanted to GO FAST!). We decided to finish the day with a couple of trips down a long green run, which turned out OK, but we pushed Marxo a little too far and I ended up skiing with her between my legs for the last half of the last run.

But, the week was definitely a success - both the kids were able to ski on their own by the end of the trip, which far surpassed our expectations. We can't wait for next year now. :)

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