Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Eyes in the back of my head

During our trip to Colorado, I had to finally let the kids in on this fact: All mothers have eyes in the backs of our heads.

It's something I remember my mother telling me and I had the exact same reaction as our kids. They were curiously intrigued, but they've finally gotten to the point that they understand joking and sarcasm and after about 2 seconds, they both simultaneously said, "No you don't!"

Aha, that's when my eyes had to kick in. "Get your fingers out of your mouth!" "Stop playing with that toy and get it out of your mouth!" "I told you to keep your fingers out of your mouth." etc.

Good thing they haven't quite figured out that there are mirrors in the front of the car and that the sounds they make are a complete give-away to what they're up to. They'll learn it quickly - too quickly, I'm afraid. But for now, I'll keep up the act. We moms need to retain our air of mystery as long as possible!

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