Friday, June 16, 2006

The blog about poop

Since this is quickly becoming the blog about poop, I guess I should just continue it today. Bear with me...

Yesterday my husband was out of town, so I couldn't get the play-by-play report during the daytime. But I did get a good dose of it last night.

Since the husband was out of town yesterday and I'm lazy, I decided to take the kids to Chick-fil-A. That way, I didn't have to figure out what to feed them and they could play afterwards and I wouldn't have to figure out how to entertain them! Brilliant, if I do say so myself!

However, I knew this was quite a gamble considering our potty training efforts thus far. And about half-way there, I was kicking myself because I didn't think about the fact that I probably should have put a pull-up on him just in case things got messy.

We got there, got our food, and ate in relative calm. Then, before we packed up and headed into the play area, I told the kids that we needed to go potty before going to play. The boy was very excited about this prospect, so I took that as a good sign.

We went into the handicapped bathroom stall, where I immediately started repeating, "don't touch anything, don't touch anything, don't touch anything" - it usually takes about 5 times of repitition before anything sinks into the kids' heads.

Then came the hard part. I was trying to convince the boy to sit on the toilet because it was too tall for him to stand at when he finally said that he needed to go "poopy". He sat down on the toilet and pooped right away. The triumphant feeling I got was dampened only slightly by the fact that a little glob of it ended up in his underwear when he stood up, so I had to change them anyway. No big deal, the boy went poop in the potty. I was on cloud 9. We survived.

I tried to get him to go pee, but he insisted that he didn't have to, so we ALL washed hands (the girl had kept herself busy by hanging on the handrails next to the toilet, playing with the toilet paper, and generally touching everything in sight while I continued my mantra of "don't touch anything, don't touch anything"...) and we headed to the play area.

Shortly after the kids began playing, the boy came and told me that he needed to go potty. I could tell that his shorts were already slightly wet, so I knew we needed to get there fast. We hurried to the bathroom and I tried as quickly as possible to pull down his pants, only to find that he had pooped in his pants. And as I stood there processing this fact, trying to figure out how to get him to the potty to go pee without contaminating everything else in the process, he began peeing all over the floor and his already soiled clothing.

Ok, you know those paper towels that are in all fast-food restaurants? They're not really very absorbent. And just in case you ever wonder what may have been on the floor of a fast-food restaurant bathroom before you go in to use the facilities? Well, I wouldn't put my bag down on that floor if I were you.

What a mess. I managed to get it cleaned up and I did have the foresight to pack extra clothes for the boy in case such a thing happened, so it wasn't as bad as it could have been. But it was close.

Next time, I'm stayin' home.

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