Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Four times

Disclaimer: This post will discuss poop, as well as a description of it. Courtney, put down your snack... :)

So, the boy ended up pooping in his pants four times yesterday. Twice in the morning at the park, once in the afternoon before naptime, and once in the evening.

And to make it even worse, after not pooping for an extended period of time, his little system seemed to have gotten kind of upset so that when I found him last night, standing alone in the living room, somewhat afraid to move, it had run down his leg and was beginning to puddle on the floor.

The last one was so bad that I finally did break down and rinse his underwear and shorts out in the toilet - I got over my phobia of getting toilet water on my hands. I figured if I'm going to be getting poop on my hands anyway, what's a little toilet water? (ick, it makes me cringe just to type that)

So, no progress on the pooping front. We talked a lot about it last night before bedtime and we played with his little Reddy Rabbit and made him go poop on the potty a few times last night. We'll see if it has any effect today.

If we get through this, the girl is next. Immediately. We gotta get this over with! Ick.

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