Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Saving up

Disclaimer: this post will discuss poop, however, there will be no descriptions. We'd have to actually have some poop in order to describe.

Yes, it apparently turns out that the boy is anal-retentive. Literally. He's now afraid to go poop. He keeps on trying to go off in a corner so that he can poop as he always has - in his pants - but we keep on catching him and hauling him off to sit on the potty so he can poop and he'll just have none of that.

It's been about 40 hours since he's pooped. And for a little boy that usually would poop at least 3 times a day, I have a feeling this is becoming quite uncomfortable. I'm beginning to worry about constipation and pain at this point.

So, I figure my next post will either be describing some massive and explosive incident, or a jubilative celebration of the deposition of a long overdue shipment into the potty. I'm REALLY hoping for the latter.

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Veronica Mitchell said...

We have a similar prooblem with our toddler. She pees in the potty but won't poop in it. Instead she goes in her pull-up and plays quietly by herself aftwerwards, hoping I won't notice. Sometimes kids can be so stubborn about pooping that they can distend their own colon, so we figured we'd just relax about the potty-training till she was ready. I hope it goes well for you. Don't stress about it.