Monday, June 12, 2006

Things I learned this weekend

These are the things I learned this past weekend (including Friday):

1. I can survive an interview.

2. It's REALLY hot here. Ok, I knew this, but we decided to go for a bike ride on Friday at around noon and yeah, it's hot.

3. The best way to clean nasty poop out of underwear (so far, 5 times since Saturday morning) is to try to dig most of it out with some toilet paper, wipe as much more off of it with toilet paper, then run it under water in the utility sink until the big chunks are off of it. Then wash hands three times with antibacterial soap and vow to use some bleach on the utility sink once the potty training is going better.

4. Lucky Burger has good onion rings - and they deliver! PLUS, the kids will eat Lucky Burger chicken nuggets! (The boy has always refused to eat any nuggets other than Wendy's or Chick-fil-A. And forget about the frozen kind that you can just heat up in the oven. No, the boy has quite the discerning taste!)

5. The boy told me on Saturday morning that, "You have a good team." I'm not sure exactly what that was supposed to mean, but he apparently felt strongly about it because he followed it up with, "You simply do." ("simply" seems to be his word of choice lately!)

6. The boy can go pee-pee standing up at the toilet! (I know this must be quite exciting for all of you...)

7. After falling asleep for only 30 minutes on the bike during a morning bike ride, the girl will definitely NOT take a nap in the afternoon. Even if she's rubbing her eyes and being cranky and tired. No, no. Put her in her bed and she'll just run around in circles, jump, and try to figure out how long she can hang with one hand on one side of the crib and one hand on the other side. (it's only about 1 second)

8. The boy will not, in fact, poop his pants while we're off on a bike ride, even though he definitely needs to go, but refuses to go on the potty. But he will pee his pants and then once we get home and get some dry clothes on him, he'll do it again 2 more times, and then he'll poop his pants three times in succession.

9. It's much, much easier to purge toys from the house after the kids have gone to bed. And then when they get up the next morning, it's like Christmas because the toys are organized and they can find a bunch of things they had forgotten about.

10. If you split a couple of bottles of wine during the weekend and only kind of watch what you eat over the weekend, you're probably not going to lose as much weight as you had hoped you might over one week of virtually starving yourself.


Courtney said...

Just one little request- please put a disclaimer at the beginning of the post when you must details about poop- I was eating an apple!

Good thing I'm already a parent or it might have come back up :)

Veronica Mitchell said...

Wow. Who knew your week would be so educational?

We're potty-training too. Though I'm seriously considering giving up and leaving it to grandma.

meredith said...

You actually wash the poopy underwear? I got grossed out and bought a bunch of cheap underwear that I would throw out along with the poop.

Sara said...

Courtney - Sorry! From now on, I'll be sure to add that disclaimer.

Veronica - We're actually REALLY hoping the nanny will pull out some kind of miracle during this week.

Meredith - HA! I wish I would have thought of that. Instead, I was thinking that if the underwear looked kind of neat, he wouldn't want to go in it. It doesn't seem to be working...