Wednesday, August 16, 2006

First Day of Pre-School

Well, I've just come back to work after seeing our little boy off at his first day of pre-school.

There were many tears of both joy and sadness as we said our good-byes...

Not in the slightest! The boy couldn't have gotten rid of us more quickly. He already knew the school from visiting several times and one of his little friends that he made this summer is in the 4-year-old class, so he was happy to see us go. He didn't even look back as he rode away on his tricycle to join the fun in the sandbox. We did manage to take a couple of pictures before he shoved us out the door, so at least that was nice. :)

I am anxious, however, to see how the morning is going to go. He's only there for 3 hours, so we left him two sets of underwear and shorts - I'm hoping he won't pee more than that.

We spoke with his teacher on Monday about our potty-training battles. She told us that it usually becomes a "social" thing to do while the kids are there, so hopefully that will spur him into more action. And I'm guessing he won't poop for the three hours he's there, however, if he does, the teachers won't clean it up - they call the parents to come clean it up. This should be interesting...

UPDATE: At 10:45, my husband got the call. The boy pooped his pants, so hubby is off to clean him up. Man, we didn't even make it one day.

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