Friday, August 25, 2006

The hazards of having a physics professor for a friend

So, last night we went on family bike ride night and right as we were leaving, our good friend "Squared" came walking by our house after finishing a run.

I suppose I should explain why his name is "Squared". Well, he was my husband's college roommate. We went to an all-engineering college. Both his first name and his last name start with K. Therefore, K-squared. Or just "Squared", as he's known to our kids.

(I imagine our kids suddenly coming to a great realization in 7th or 8th grade algebra - n-squared... n*n... hey, wait a minute... Uncle K-squared... I get it now!!!!)

Anyway, our friend now happens to be a professor in physics at a local college here in town. So, tonight the kids learned about parametric oscillators (from the article's 4th paragraph, you'll see why we were discussing parametric oscillators) and inertia.

I can hardly wait to hear what they're going to learn about next week. :)

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