Monday, April 06, 2009

Too much for one post

Well, it was another great weekend and I have almost too much to write for one post! The weather was amazing all weekend (except for that wind!) and we spent nearly the entire weekend outside. It's now the short time of the year that we get to enjoy the outdoors here in Houston before it becomes unbearably muggy and generally an annoying place to live, unless you love air conditioning. Set at 65ºF. Everywhere. Sigh... I'm never happy.

Except for this past weekend! It made me very happy! After dropping off the kids at school on Friday morning, my husband and I went for a bike ride and then stopped by the bagel shop on the way home for some brunch. It was a nice and relaxing morning.

That evening was our elementary school's fundraising auction. We signed up for several "events", which was kind of a nice change from having to actually buy something that we would then have to garage sale next year.

On Saturday morning, we had a tee ball game and then we generally relaxed for the rest of the day. We ended up going to the grocery store a couple of times and we're still out of milk this morning because both times, I forgot to get milk. We also went to Home Depot while we were out and about so that we could get a weed eater to do some yard work over at the husband's office on Sunday. And I finally convinced the husband to break down and get a new doorknob for the door that opens to our back deck. He ripped the original one off the door right after Hurricane Ike (the door jam was swollen) and he kept thinking he would somehow figure out how to fix it without buying a new one. Considering the fact that we still haven't gotten the tiles replaced around our fireplace three years after they fell off, I think this is a major victory - it only took us eight months to get a new doorknob! Yippee!

Yesterday, we went for a family bike ride and spent the rest of the day doing yard work at my husband's office. There's a little section of ground cover in front of his office between the sidewalk and the street, which is slowly being killed by all the dogs who like to pee in it. We got a "no pooping dogs" sign for the dead spot a couple of months ago, but it hasn't deterred them. So, as a last-ditch effort, we bought three azalea bushes at the neighborhood plant sale on Saturday (forgot about that when I was mentioning Saturday's events), which we planted in the area to try to further discourage them. We figure they'll either be killed by the dogs as well, or they'll be killed by the City of Houston when they begin construction on our street in the next year or so. Good thing we got to the plant sale just when they put the plants on sale for half price!

And we topped off the day by having dinner at Chuy's last night. Yum!!!

So, today, I'm again recovering from our weekend. My butt is sore from going on two bike rides this weekend (we haven't done that in so long!), my hands are sore from using the trimmers to trim all the vines and bushes, and my back is sore from attempting to bend at the same angle while trimming the bushes so that they would all be even.

Another great weekend, if you ask me. And now I'd better go down to the post office here in the building to see if they have stamp machines. Gotta get those Sacagewea's - I think tonight could be the night!


poppy fields said...

Hi Sara...just wanted to say that I'm thinking of getting a Runza today :)

Sara said...

I'm so jealous!!!