Thursday, April 09, 2009

I was right! For once...

Well, I said on Monday that I thought Fellan would lose his tooth that night and I was actually right. My husband had a meeting that night, so he missed the actual - only slightly bloody - event. (lucky him)

Mondays are very busy for us - the kids have tennis lessons and then swimming lessons and by the time we drive through Wendy's for some nuggets, get home and take a bath, it's well past their bedtime.

After his nuggets, Fellan decided to eat some animal crackers. As he was sitting there eating them, I could see that his tooth was moving. It was really grossing me out but it didn't seem to bother him in the slightest!

I headed upstairs to get the bath started while he finished his animal crackers and a few minutes later, he came running in saying, "I think my tooth fell out!" And he pulled it out of his mouth to show me. Sure enough, there was his first tooth, sitting in my hand. (It kind of gave me the willies.)

I expected him to be a little freaked out because it was bleeding a little, but Fellan was soooo excited. He just couldn't wait to get to school and tell his little girlfriend that he lost his tooth.

A little while later, he said, "I was eating my animal crackers and then I thought, 'Hey, animal crackers don't have seeds!'" I laughed out loud - I love to hear his thought process.

We, of course, put the tooth under his pillow and the toothfairy replace it later in the night with a Sacagewea dollar. What a momentous occasion.

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