Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Back from Spring Break!

Well, we're back from Spring Break!  Apparently I was gone too long, though, because when I went to work out today, someone was riding my exercise bike as if he owned the thing.  I'm going to have to get down there earlier tomorrow...

Anyway.  We went skiing last week and enjoyed the record-amount of snow they've gotten up there this year.  It was really nice!  The kids took ski lessons for a couple of days at A-Basin and then we spent another three days skiing together in different places: Breckenridge, Loveland, and Ski Cooper.  We went to Ski Cooper on Friday, which turned out to be a great decision.  They got about 2 inches of fresh snow overnight and the runs there are perfect for the kiddos.  It was a great finish to the vacation.

Fellan's class apparently read a book about Flat Stanley before Spring Break started and he had an assignment to either send Flat Stanley to someone over Spring Break, or take him along on a trip and take pictures of him along the way.

Since Fellan got a camera for Christmas, he was pretty excited about doing this, so we have quite a few pictures of Flat Stanley which will be affixed to posterboard along with a map tonight to show where each picture was taken.  Here are the highlights...

For the first day of driving, we didn't make it out of Texas, but we did see lots of wide open spaces and a few energy-related things:

For Grandpa
For Daddy
The next day, we pushed on through New Mexico and into Colorado!

(We actually had to take this one on the way back home because we missed it on the way!)

Once we got there, skiing ensued!


We took pictures of the rest of the places, too, but you know, sometimes enough is enough!  :)

On the way back, we stopped and took pictures at the state lines for New Mexico and Texas, but the picture that Fellan took of the New Mexico sign turned out to be only a small sliver of the sign!  Anyway, we already had one of those and the Texas one is good.  :)

And we couldn't resist taking one more the last morning on the road.

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