Tuesday, March 08, 2011

The Replacements

Since we had to take everything out of our closet and I'm not allowing anything back into the closet until the decision has been made that we NEED it, our bedroom is an absolute mess.  We still have old shoes, clothes, and general junk that had been stashed in the closet all over the place.

Two of the things that we had stashed in our closet were The Replacements.  When Lamby got lost 5 years ago, we were determined to have back-up attachment objects, just in case the need ever arose again.  We kept them hidden in our closet for all these years, but we had to take them out in order to re-do the closet.  Well, we were still trying to keep them a secret from the kids, but Fellan discovered replacement Baby Tarah on Friday!  :o

Since the cat was out of the bag, we went ahead and showed Marxo that we had a replacement Lamby, too.

The Replacements! (From L to R: Baby Tarah, Baby Tarah 2, Lamby, Lamby 2)

Check out how clean those replacements are!  They're still hanging out on our couch at the moment and whether they become permanent members of the "lovey" community remains to be seen.

Now, the amazing part of this story is not that we were able to keep these babies secret for so long.  The amazing part of the story is what Fellan told us after we told Marxo the truth that this one was not really the original Lamby.

We were explaining to her how the husband had gone out looking for Lamby and had spent an hour roaming the neighborhood in search of her, but he was never able to find her.  So we ordered two more, kept one as a back-up just in case it ever happened again, and passed off the other as the original Lamby.

As we were telling this story, Fellan chimed in, "Yeah, I found her for you under a bunch of pillows!"

The husband and I were floored.  We didn't remember the specifics of "finding" Lamby, but Fellan was less than three years old at the time, and he remembers the whole thing.  Scary.  On the one hand, I think it's awesome that he has a memory like that, but on the other hand, I figure he's going to need a lot of therapy later in life to un-remember all the horrible parenting he's been subjected to thus far in his life...  :/

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