Monday, March 28, 2011


The week before Spring Break was a whirlwind.  We went to Mardi Gras in New Orleans the weekend before (and stayed for about 40 hours, total.  You see, now that the kids are in school and the state will take us to court for the kids missing too many days of school, we're completely beholden to the school schedule.  So that means that we don't dare take Friday or Monday off from school.  See Section 25.094!).

Also, now that the kids are in school and we have to take vacation during Spring Break, it means we've missed the Rodeo the last couple of years because it happens to coincide with Spring Break and we're gone for most of the time that the Rodeo is in town.  This year, however, the husband was given four tickets to go on Wednesday night before Spring Break started, so we put on our gear and headed to the stadium.

Turns out the tickets were really good!

Down by the action!

We also like to go through and look at all the animals that are there for the Livestock Show.  We stopped by a Longhorn to take a picture for the husband's brother, who went to the University of Texas, but Marxo decided to just totally ham it up...

"What?  I was concerned!"

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