Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Amazing Closet Transformation

I finally got the husband to send me the pictures of the closet from his phone since my grainy phone just would not have done the glorious closet justice.  :)

The Spaceman guys showed up exactly on time Saturday morning and were psyched about not having to rip out the existing closet appurtenances.  However, their joy was quickly replaced with dread when they realized how many trips they would be making and what they would be carrying up to the third floor for the next half an hour or so.

After they finally got everything upstairs, they started the installation.  I couldn't help myself - I kept going in there every 30 minutes or so to see what it looked like.  Finally, at about 1:30pm they finished installing everything and then used an industrial-strength orange furniture polish to clean everything up.

Yikes.  It was overwhelming.  We ended up having to open all the windows and leave the house for a few hours so the place could air out!  I even had a bit of a rash on my face and chest and poor Marxo looked like death warmed-over.

Luckily, however, we were able to return to the detoxified house after dinner and bask in the glory of our new closet.  I'm not allowing any clothes back into the closet until they've been washed (just because!), so we don't have everything loaded back in yet and I don't have final-final pictures, but at least you can see how awesome it looks without clothes.

(Also, I should tell you that we didn't clean up our closet at all before we took the "before" pictures - we wanted the difference to be as drastic as possible!)

Husband's side - before
Husband's side - after rip-out but before Spaceman
Husband's side - after [note the hamper, belt rack, tie rack (back side), and valet rod!]
My side - before
My side - after rip-out
My side - after (there's another hamper under those drawers!)

Looking from husband's side - before
Looking from husband's side - after
Built-in - before
Built-in - after
We had the guys who did the rip-out of the old closet paint this so that it would match the stuff that Spaceman put in.

AND the pièce de résistance - the jewelry drawer!  :)

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