Friday, December 09, 2005

I am a wimp!

Yes, I have really become a wimp! My husband and I have noticed lately that we've become fair-weather people. After living in Houston for 12 years now, we both get really, really cold whenever we go somewhere that actually has seasons. Yet, we both loathe the suffocating heat of Houston that envelopes the city for 8 months of the year. We're just never happy, I guess.

It got fairly cold here over the past week. I think last night it might have even gotten below freezing. And my new favorite friend? The heated seats in my car!! This is something I thought was ridiculous to have in Houston when we bought the car, but my nice, toasty butt thanks me every day when I'm driving to work and driving home from work. I even went out to Walmart today at lunchtime just so I could warm up my butt! (not really, but it was a nice side-effect of having to go to Walmart)

Heated seats are something I would have scoffed at when I was a thick-skinned northerner, too. (are you a northerner if you're from Nebraska?) I would have thought it was ridiculous to pamper yourself that way. I was so wrong. It's liberating to admit that you're a wimp and just keep dialing that heated seat up hotter and hotter... :)


Michael said...

Heh. You realize you're actually admitting you're getting older, don't you? First heated seats, next the benefits of Metamucil...

shara said...

Ooooh, heated seats. Could have used those up north. I'm a cold wuss now, I'm ashamed to admit. Can't take the cold at all now that my blood's thinned