Monday, December 19, 2005

The weekend

I spent the weekend with the reddest right eye you've ever seen! It looked kind of evil, so I kept on trying to not look at people for very long, for fear of them freaking out, screaming, and running away from me. It was yucky! Both eyes seem to be a little better today, but they still hurt and my nose is still congested, my throat still hurts, and I'm keeping a bottle of Immodium AD at the ready, just in case. (too much information?!)

Enough of my complaining, let me relay to you a funny anecdote from this weekend:

Saturday afternoon we had a real chance at getting baby boy to take a nap (we always time it wrong or something on the weekend, so it's always hit-or-miss - and when we miss, it's a really bad thing!). So, we took him upstairs and put him in his bed and told him night-night and left him up there. He screamed and cried at us for about 5 minutes, but then we could hear him calming down a little bit and just start whining about things. One of the things he's whining about is his shirt, "No like it this shirt." Both my husband and I know this means he's getting ready to take off his shirt and it's questionable as to whether or not he's going to be able to get it back on.

So, I turned up the heater to make sure he wouldn't be too cold and waited until he was quiet, thinking that I would go up and check on him and cover him up if he actually fell asleep with his shirt off. When I went up to check on him, he was still awake, and after peeking around the corner at him a couple times, I was able to tell that not only did he have his shirt off, but he had also taken off his pants. (luckily, he was still wearing his diaper!) I stood outside his doorway for awhile, then, looking in on him occasionally and keeping track of his progress.

He eventually got his shirt back on and unsuccessfully tried to put his pants back on. So, after failing with the pants, he settled down to take his nap. But, before he laid down, he stuck his baby doll up his shirt so that her head was sticking out of the neck-hole. This never ceases to make me laugh! He does this more often than you might think - we think he's kind of trying to use his shirt like a Baby Bjorn or something.

Anyway, I managed to keep myself from laughing out loud and waited until he fell asleep to go in and cover up his legs with a blanket.

Second (somewhat) amusing anecdote from the weekend, also involving baby boy:

As you know from a previous post, baby boy wants a bicycle from Santa Claus this year. So we were playing around with a Santa Claus doll and I asked him to tell Santa what he wants for Christmas.
Baby boy: "Santa Claus, I want a bike!! A blue bike!"
Me: (uh-oh!) "Uh, I think the elves made a lot of red bikes this year. What about a red bike?"
Baby boy: "Santa can give mommy and daddy red bikes."

Santa has to go exchange a bicycle now...


Courtney said...

LOL! I tried to wait as long as possible to see if the boy was going to change his mind and ask for something different. Unfortunatly, I waited until ALL power rangers toys were out of stock. Ugh.

Courtney said...

Where's the updates???? Huh, huh?

By the way- the antibiotic drops- wonderful! My eye's still puffy and red, but it doesn't hurt anymore. And I asked the doc about how to tell if it's viral or bacterial and she said the only way is a culture and by the time that's done, you could be cured.