Wednesday, December 14, 2005

I need to post more often

I really do need to post more often. I find it annoying to go to other people's blogs and find that they haven't updated them in several days (or in my brother's case, weeks!). I just never can come up with anything to say once I actually have the time to post something.

Ok, here's an annoying thing that I've been meaning to post about: cellphone ring tones. I think it should be mandatory to put your cellphone on "vibrate mode" when you're at work. There's a couple of people at my office who have their ringtones set to cute little tunes, but the problem is that once that cute little tune is in my head, I end up singing it to myself ALL DAY LONG. It's so dang annoying!!!!!

And speaking of annoying things (I know I'm going to end up hating myself for bringing this one up) the other day I was thinking about a South Park episode where John Stamos's older brother Richard will be singing "Loving You" during the half-time program of one of their football games and ended up singing that horrible, horrible.....

crap!! just as I was writing this the ringtone came on across the hallway. (I'm not kidding!) Ding, ding-ding-doo-doo-doo-doo, daaaah, daaaah, daaaaah, daaaaah..... AAAARRRRGGGG!!!!

Ok, as I was saying, I ended up singing that horrible, horrible song "Loving You" in my head all day long. It turned out OK, though, I infected my husband with it when I got home that night and made him sing it in his head for the rest of the night. :)

Anyway, that's my current pet peeve - the ring tones. It annoys me when people aren't considerate of other people's "space" - including listening space!

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