Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Real Baby

Well, the boy is still obsessed with having another baby - twin baby girls, you may recall.

When we went on our trip to New Braunfels for the Tour de Gruene, we stopped by a smalltown Dairy Queen. In the Dairy Queen, there was one of those shelves full of pamphlets. Fellan was immediately drawn to a pamphlet about a doll museum or doll store (or whatever) in the area. We, of course, had to take the pamphlet with us and spend the entire weekend discussing which babies in the pictures Fellan wanted.

When we got home, we looked more closely at the pamphlet, looked up the manufacturer, and figured out that we could get a Middleton Doll in our area. In fact, they actually have a Newborn Nursery in Houston. (click on "The Experience") It was an epiphany for us - we could let Fellan adopt a baby himself!

So, hoping to assuage his desire, we took him to the Newborn Nursery in mid-December and let him pick out and adopt a baby doll. He was a little overwhelmed at first, but warmed up to it eventually. The "nurse" checked all her vital signs and let Fellan check them, too. Then she weighed the baby (Fellan chose one of the "premies" - so she weighs 2.8 pounds) and then she asked him to name the baby.

He immediately said, "Baby Maya". So, she asked him if he wanted it to be just Maya or Baby Maya. He said "Baby Maya". Then she asked him if he wanted to give her a middle name. I was standing right next to him and he turned and whispered in my ear, "I was thinking about maybe 'Sara'". (I just about cried.) So, the official name is "Baby Maya Sara".

Santa also got Fellan a baby doll, so he now sleeps with three babies every night.

The only problem? The other day Fellan announced to us, "I want a real baby. No more baby dolls!!!"

He caught on to us...

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