Friday, September 04, 2009

Day off

Today was my day off from work and I spent it as usual - going to Target and then Sam's, but today, I got all crazy and made a side trip to the Container Store. Woohoo!

Actually, my husband and I usually try to go for a bike ride on Friday mornings and then I do the shopping in the afternoon, but it was raining this morning and the husband had too much work to do. There goes my motivation, huh?! Actually, we're planning to go for family bike ride tomorrow morning and hopefully Sunday morning, too.

This afternoon I got to finally see Fellan in his Tae Kwon Do classes. We signed him up for Tae Kwon Do and Marxo for gymnastics this fall. We'll see how it goes. Marxo has already been invited to join the trampoline team and I know she would love it, we just don't seem to be able to work out the logistics of going to an additional practice with two working parents. Plus, SHE'S FOUR! Isn't it a little crazy to get her into "real" competitive sports at the age of four? (and no, YMCA Soccer doesn't count as a competitive sport.)

Tomorrow is the only day this Labor Day weekend that we have nothing planned. We're headed to a friends' house Sunday afternoon for a pool party and have a classmate's birthday party on Monday morning. We're going to make the most of tomorrow. :)


Scott said...

Quazy gurl!

And, wouldn't soccer seem more competitive than trampoline? At least it does to me and I've been told I'm childish. Can I switch tenses there Sara?

Go Huskers!

Sara said...

Our YMCA soccer experience has been more of the kids-hugging-on-the-field type than the actually-learn-soccer type.

The trampoline team, however, supposedly competes at gymnastics meets and such. When they invited her onto the team, they mentioned that there would be two or three competitions this year.

We still haven't signed her up for that, but I would if we could find a way to get her there each week. I do think she's a natural.