Friday, September 11, 2009

Three day week

Whew, after that three day week, I was bushed today! (kidding!)

The street deconstruction is coming along nicely - the kids have been enjoying "breakfast theater" for the past couple of mornings. The husband set them up yesterday morning and this morning with TV trays and chairs at the front window so they could sit and watch the big equipment while eating their breakfast. I think they're going to be disappointed tomorrow morning when/if they don't show up. I don't think I'll be very upset if they don't show up tomorrow, though. It's rather loud at 7am when they start and the whole house shakes when they pound the concrete to break it up.

I took the kids to school this morning and then went to the grocery store and when I tried to get back to the house, I couldn't! There was a backhoe and dump truck in the way. I ended up having to go around the block and park about halfway down the street. Still, it didn't bother me very much. We've talked to the construction guys a few times already and they're really pretty nice. And I'm soooo looking forward to having a nice, dry street as a Christmas present.

Not much else going on today. Fellan got in trouble at school today for not following directions, but he did really well at Tae Kwon Do. I think by the end of the week at school he just has a hard time keeping himself together. The teacher doesn't seem to be very bothered by it and she keeps saying he's doing well, so that's good.

We have no birthday parties or other events planned for the weekend. I'm really looking forward to just sitting around and watching Star Trek. :)

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