Monday, February 07, 2011

"Snow" Day

The forecasters were predicting 2" to 4" of snow for Houston starting on Thursday evening and continuing into early Friday morning.  They canceled school for Friday, told people to leave work early, and basically shut down all of Houston.  So by Thursday evening when I finally went home from work, there was virtually nobody on the road.

We had been watching the radar all day long, just waiting to see it get close to Houston so we could go home from work.  But the clouds just didn't cooperate.

By Thursday evening, they were saying that it would come through the area during the night, so the kids went to bed with visions of snowmen in their heads.

I happened to wake up at around 5:00am Friday morning (why can't I do that every morning, like I'm supposed to?!) and looked outside.  The street was dry.  But, I could see a thin layer of ice on our tree, so apparently some rain had eventually fallen and frozen during the night.

The kids got up on Friday morning and ran to the window to see...  nothing.  "There's no snow out there." Fellan came to inform us.

Yep, instead of snow, Houston awoke with a city full of disappointed children.

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