Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Room by IKEA

Ok, I remembered to take a picture of the kids' room last night!  There's still stuff sitting on top of their bookshelf and Fellan likes to throw his PJ's over the foot of his bed, but this is much better than it was before the purging - you'll just have to take my word for it.

Kids' room... by IKEA
Bunk bed
(After looking at the last few pictures I've posted, I've determined that my phone is really bad at taking pictures.  Talk about grainy!)

Anyway, as we were sitting on the kids' (really hard) couch on Sunday evening, we looked around and noticed that nearly everything in their room came from IKEA.  The bunk beds, the big leaf, the railing thing that holds Marxo's pink curtain, the fold-down desk and stools, the bookshelf/divider and baskets, the big world map, the couch...  and a few other things I'm not thinking of.  They must really like to see us coming!  ;)

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